Yesterday we went to the very quaint, very old, very difficult to find St. Margaret’s Church in Hampshire.

I picked it as a place to visit because it’s the final resting place of Florence Nightingale and her ghost has been reportedly seen at the church.  So boys went to school and we went to check out the church.

Our methods of finding proof of the paranormal are purely unscientific.  And on this particular visit were purely non-existant.

I always have my camera with me.  I try not to go anywhere without it.  On a trip we then usually have dowsing rods and sometimes voice recorders.  Oh, and we always have Tabitha which means our investigations are done under the cover of blaring sunlight (or as blaring as it gets in the UK).

Yesterday I did have my camera and we did have the baby.  I forgot to tell MrT why we were going to St. Margaret’s and as I rely on him to bring everything (apart from said camera and baby) we didn’t have anything with us.  Whoops.

Actually he was a little peeved to find himself at yet another church quite a distance from home without any good reason for visiting it.  Only after, in the car on the way home, when I told him I was a little disappointed we didn’t sense the ghost did he understand the reasoning behind our visit.  This did very little to lift his mood (but in all fairness he recovered quickly).


This is St. Margaret’s.


Florence Nightingale’s grave.


My arty shot!  A shrine inside the church for Florence.  The cross is a replica of one given to her by a soldier during the Crimean War.  The original was stolen from the church in 1991.

And this photo is my only ‘spooky’ shot.


Look at the size of that orb in the top right corner!