If you are a card reader, you know that your ability to read cards is a unique and remarkable gift that few people have.  Through your gift, you have the power to touch others’ lives, help them succeed, and assist them during difficult times.

Do you know you are a gifted card reader, but want to improve your ability to gain specific information from your readings, or become more courageous, confident and inspired?

I have a great way for you to fully nourish yourself as a card reader and gain the insight you need to help your clients even more.

It’s a 5-day tele-summit called Card Reading Magic and it’s run by my incredible colleague, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle card deck, Tori Hartman.

Whether you want to take your card reading to a higher levelfind out how to trust your intuition more fully, ormeet card reading masters who can offer you their proven strategies on how to discover the kind of wisdom we all seek in a reading, Card Reading Magic is for you.

And best of all, you can get a free pass for the tele-summit below.

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Tori has brought together experts in their field for one reason: to help you get an “insider’s” look at new techniques and secrets that have helped these masters help their clients, grow as readers, and build outstanding careers.

Tori is offering this incredible opportunity because she has used these techniques to enhance her own card reading abilities and she wants to see you connect more deeply with your gift as you use them to grow.

Are you ready to learn more about how Card Reading Magic can deepen your reading abilities?

The tele-summit takes place from September 12-16, 2018.

Here’s the schedule for the speakers (I’m on Friday 15th September!):

You can get the complete details here.

Reserve your spot today and start using your card reading gift to its maximum potential!

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