We’ve come to the end of another calendar year. I know for many people 2017 has been challenging and has tested them on many levels. But you’ve made it through – you might feel a little bruised and battered but you did it. Hoorah!

This year had a few ‘oh-crap’ moments for me but overall, it was pretty good. I tried to be more open to where my spirit wanted me to go. I realised the lack of direction I’d been feeling was because I had lost sight of what mattered to me: connection and being a guide on this life journey thingamajig.

If you want guidance on looking back at the year, there are prompts to get you thinking in my free Soul Journey 2018 workbook.

Even though it’s been a good year for me, it’s time to let it go.  It is time for you to let go of 2017 too.

Anytime between now and the last possible second of 2017 is a good time to do this ritual. If you do it early then your just making more space to welcome the new year.

I like to keep things simple – you don’t need an elaborate ritual to release the year.

Light a small candle, a tea-light candle is perfect. Then on crisp, white paper in black ink (or whatever takes your fancy), write the following:

Dear 2017, I’m grateful for the journey so far.

Thank you for the friends, loved ones and acquaintances that have travelled with me. I remember those whose path ended during the year.

I take with me memories, experiences and a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

I’m thankful for the lessons that have crossed my path and the blessings that I’ve found along the way.

I release you, 2017, with love and gratitude.

Adapt the wording to what resonates with you. If 2017 deserves expletives, go for it – get it all out.  Tuck your letter underneath the candle and leave the candle to burn down.  Afterwards, burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the wind.

I would caution you not to avoid the burning. If you throw the paper in the recycling bin, you are liable to recycle the essence of the year. Even if 2017 has been fabulous, there are new adventures ahead in 2018 for you and who knows what they may be?

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