Several years ago, I came across a copy of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  It’s about gratitude being the fuel for the law of attraction: the more grateful you become, the more good things happen to you.  Each day for 30-days, there is a different aspect to look at and a simple exercise to shift your focus towards gratitude.

Since the book came into my life, my husband and I re-read it together.  When we finish, we turn back to the beginning and start again.  I no longer do the exercises apart from keeping a daily gratitude list and, I have to admit, that had been a bit random in the past.

I started to keep a gratitude journal at the beginning of this year with the intention to write in in daily and, thus far, I’ve done so.

What I’ve noticed since regularly writing a gratitude list is that my inner dialogue is much kinder and I don’t feel so anxious (last couple of years, anxiety has been an unwelcome companion).  The changes have happened subtly and they were definitely not instantaneous.

It’s really easy to get swept along with the buzz of gratitude and law of attraction without pausing to consider that time and effort needs to be invested.  Our minds are the most magical tools we possess (we don’t need anything else) but it takes time to undo the way we’re taught to live in fear and lack.  This is particularly difficult when we live in a society that’s always looking for instant gratification.  There’s an expectation that all you have to do is say you’re grateful a few times and then, as if by magic, your life is running silky-smooth and the Universe is throwing your wildest dreams at you.

I’ve read a few books on Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering but I don’t remember the authors suggesting that it could take a good few months, perhaps a lot longer, to get in the right frame of mind before gratitude feels natural and those cosmic orders start showing up.

I’m not suggesting that I’m at that place yet but I do know that after four months of keeping a daily gratitude diary, I’m in a better mental place and life is flowing in a more pleasing fashion than it has in a long while.  And I am truly grateful for my life and all the wonderful, often messy, things in it.

So if you’ve been a bit inconsistent with keeping a gratitude diary, give it another try.  And if nothing else, it’s a great excuse to buy more notebooks (and that’s a reason to be grateful)!

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