Healing the Temple of the Heart

Pain – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – is a form of energy disturbance.  If you and I are just a bundle of vibrating molecules, ultimately made with nothingness, then there is no difference in pain apart from our perception of it. 

As humans, we excel at avoiding unpleasantness.  We find ways to avoid experiencing the full spectrum of feelings.  We label them good or bad, when in reality they are neither.

Instead of letting feelings pass through our being, the mind stores them around our heart.  Innocently tucking them away so they don’t have to be felt but not realising that they block our energy flow.  They remain like Saturn’s frozen rings around the heart, waiting for an opportunity to be brought back into consciousness so they can be thawed.

We have so many layers of trauma, beliefs and memories that it isn’t always obvious what is the cause of the effect (pain).  You don’t need to know.  All you need to do is to be willing to let go of the familiarity of suffering.  Let it all go.

Inspired by a migraine headache and the desire not to reach for a painkiller, I formed Healing the Temple of the Heart.  It’s a five-part process to breathe into the pain and to transform the energy from frozen to flowing.

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