Healing the witch wound is an online, 4-week course.  It’s a brave journey to embrace all that is within us: the beautiful quirks, innate wisdom, unconventional views, sacred passion, and reverence for life.

Identifying as a witch can be liberating: it feels like the missing part of the puzzle, the word that unlocks the key to your soul.  But it’s not an easy path to travel.  There comes a time when you face the witch wound: feeling the pressures to constrict, conform, merge into mundania, keep safe.  Hide away.  Be less, not more.  Healing the witch wound realigns us with our power and our magic.

We look at the wounds we carry around related to the root, solar plexus and throat chakras as well as getting reacquainted with the dark mother, the hag, the crone…. particularly Baba Yaga, who will guide us through this journey to find completeness in a world that would rather us be broken.

You’ll also meet the shadow-sisters (shadow archetypes) that hold the keys to finding your power.

This course is perfect if you:

  • feel disconnected with your path as a witch
  • have been wanting to hide away from the word ‘witch’
  • want to rediscover your power
  • aren’t afraid to look at the darkness to bring it to light
  • need to rediscover parts of your soul to feel whole again
  • want to feel and use your magic again

Healing the Witch Wound

Healing the Witch Wound is a four-week online course that begins on Friday 3rd August 2018.  It’s like summer school for your soul.

Each Friday, you’ll receive a workbook so you can dive deeper into understanding yourself, the wounds you carry and how you can heal them.

There’s a secret Healing the Witch Wound Facebook group too.  We’ll use this sacred, virtual space as a safe place to connect and learn.  I’ll publish daily prompts during our four-weeks together in the Facebook group so you can journal, comment or ponder on the witchery, magic and your place in the world.

Week 1: Medicine Of The Witch

The first week is dedicated to exploring the Witch Wound and reacquainting yourself with the power that comes from meeting the hag or crone.  We will be inviting Baba Yaga to guide us through this journey so come prepared for change.

As well as the workbook, you’ll also receive a guided visualisation to meet Baba Yaga as well as an invitation to join an online ritual to dedicate yourself to the witch-within.

Healing the Witch Wound - Week 1 - Medicine of the Witch

Week 2: Medicine Of Bones

The power of the Mother lies in the root chakra.  During this week, we will encounter the Victim shadow-sister and explore how we can heal the witch wound of victimhood.  The medicine of bones explores our structure and stability in the world, helping us to see what needs to change in order to feel safer and more secure in the world.

Week 3: Medicine Of The Cauldron

The third week looks at the medicine of the cauldron: the fire in our bellies that fuels our warrior spirit.  Servant, the shadow-sister of the solar plexus, emerges during this week so we can heal the witch-wound of servitude.  The cauldron is our power centre so we will be looking at how power, or lack thereof, is present in our lives.

Week 4: Medicine Of Stories

During our final week, we will meet the shadow-sister of the silent child who shows up when we are not balanced in the throat chakra.  We meet the silent child when we do not step into our power of communicator.  We will tap into the medicine of stories to explore how we are the stories that we tell.  Through healing the witch-wound, we can become powerful storytellers of our own stories.

We will close the Healing the Witch wound course with an online ritual.

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