Healing the Witch Wound Readings: Unlocking the Key to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit

You don’t have to identify as a witch to be affected by the Witch Wound.  Nor must you be a witch to benefit from a Healing the Witch Wound reading.

The Witch Wound is an energetic wound that keeps us from showing up, standing tall, speaking truths and putting faith in the Universe.  It keeps us small and steals our happiness.

The Witch Wound is the persecution, mainly of women, that has filtered down through generational, past life or present circumstance wounds.  If you’ve ever felt the need to hid away because your views, beliefs or ways make you alien to a society that prides itself on control or conformity then you carry the Witch Wound too.

Healing the Witch Wound reading looks at the energetic wounds you carry around in your chakra energy system and I give guidance how you can heal these wounds so you can live a more empowering life.

It begins with an overview of where you currently are experiencing blocks in your chakras (Sanskrit for wheels) and from this insight, I’ll dive deep with oracle cards or tarot to help you find answers and healing.  The Healing the Witch Wound reading will highlight the archetypes or roles you’re playing, and will guide you to find peace, understanding and healing.

This is an in-depth email reading.  It’s an overview of all areas of your life as the seven main chakras cover the physical reality (health, wealth etc.) up to the spiritual, with all aspects in between.

I will send you a a beautifully presented report by email on my findings with guidance on how you can heal the energetic wounds that are stopping you from shining your divine light into the world.

What you need to know:

  • This is an reading delivered to you by email.
  • I will deliver your reading within 2-weeks.
  • I need your name and date of birth to complete the reading.
  • If you have any particular concerns that you want me to look into then please let me know at the time of ordering.
  • Legally, I have to tell you that readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Don’t use a reading as a substitute for professional legal, financial or medical advice.
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