Having set myself the challenge of blogging daily in May, I’ve already run into my first hurdles: being tired and not knowing what to write about.  I thought I might hit this block a little later than day four but here I am.

There are actually a couple of ideas I want to blog about but it’s getting late on a Friday evening and I don’t think I have the brain-power to articulate them.  To be honest, I want to crawl into bed and go to sleep.  It’s been a long week with probably too much screen time, far too many headaches and a body clock that is in tune with the rising sun.  *sigh*

Although I haven’t got much to say, I’ve shown up and that’s what counts.  I’ve kept my promise to myself to blog so I won’t give myself a hard time.

Writer’s block has been a problem for me for a while, well over a year, which explains my sporadic attempts at blogging where it was once an almost daily pursuit.  I know that the best way to overcome the dreaded block is to just write.  So that’s what I’m doing.


I'm the author of The Inner Goddess Revolution and Goddess Rising, and the creator of the Sea Whispers oracle. And I help breath magic into business through Biz-Witchery. I live near the sea on the south coast of England in a house heaving with books and a ridiculous amount of tarot decks.

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