Time & Purpose

June was a month where I put my head down and got on with a making things happen.  For the Inner Goddess Revolution, the emphasis on Saturday was time, particularly not wasting a second of it and Sunday it was purpose.  They were perfect themes for my weekend.

Saturday we finally finished painting the attic room from a dull pink/coral colour to white.

From this:

Attic Room

To this:

Attic Room


Now I just need to get it furnished, put some pictures up and turn the attic into a sacred space/office. I’m really excited and it was time well spent.

After the painting came the ‘pursuing your purpose’ bit.  I’ve been working on an Inner Goddess Revolution book and I wanted to enter my first two chapters into a competition to win a publishing contract. I made the deadline and now will have to keep my fingers crossed.

The older I get, the more aware I become of not wasting any time. Every second has to count… and I my purpose has to be followed.  It’s not an option 🙂


Beliefs were the theme of yesterday.  Negative and limited beliefs have had such a detrimental role in my life and have stopped me pursuing my soul path because I didn’t feel worthy or good enough.  I’m more aware when they come up now and I try to banish them but there are times when I’m caught off guard.  Like yesterday.

I believed I wasn’t going to make it up the hill at Kingley Vale.  In fact, my son also thought I wouldn’t make it.

Him: “Mum, are you OK? You’ve gone red. ‘Cos if you faint, you’ll roll all the way down the hill.”

But I did (in the end). Make it to the top. Not faint.

Here’s the view:

Kingley Vale

It was quite an adventure yesterday. I lost my footing three times and landed on my rump, fell down a ditch on a burial mound, caught my hand in the spikes of  a hawthorn tree and cut my legs by walking into a branch. Then coming down the hill, we took a short cut which was an almost vertical drop.  So we tobogganed ungracefully down the slopes on nothing but our trousers. Best day ever.

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