Intuitive Clarity Session


Book an intuitive clarity session to gain insight and access your innate wisdom on situations or events in your life.

An Intuitive Clarity Session empowers you to make better decisions for your future – ones that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.



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Lyn came highly recommended and I was really satisfied with the experience. The session was professional yet friendly and welcoming. The reading itself was clearly explained and further questions were encouraged. I would have no hesitation in having a reading with Lyn again or recommending her to my family and friends.

Sue James-Bristow

It’s okay to feel lost or confused.  It’s okay to feel uncertain or overwhelmed.  

Sometimes we need guidance to see the best way forward.

We all have inner wisdom. We all have the ability to pick up on the subtle whispers of the universe and decipher the code.

It’s just that sometimes you might not have time to ‘plug in’ and it can be even more difficult if you’re in the middle of problems or events that are making it hard to listen to the quiet voice inside.

And there are times when you want extra guidance, a touch of clarity, or confirmation that you’re going in the right direction (and not just spinning in circles).

An Intuitive Clarity Session can give you the insight you need to make better decisions, steer your future back to your soul-path, or help you see opportunities ahead.  

The session is a mix of intuitive tarot reading and gentle coaching to awaken you to the current pattern of your life and how you can change it (if you choose to do so).

The session begins with a tarot reading. Then, together we explore the energy around the situations you’re currently experiencing and discover blocks that are holding you back from living your full potential.

This isn’t a normal tarot reading.  This isn’t about telling the future or your fortune.  This is an empowerment session to help guide you with confidence on your future journey in life.


Book Your Intuitive Clarity Session

Intuitive Clarity Sessions are online via Zoom.

Sessions are 90-minutes.

When you book an Intuitive Clarity Session with me, you’ll be directed to an online booking form.

From there you can choose the date and time of our session.  You’ll be sent Zoom details to your email address.  I’ll send a payment link separately for you to pay for our time together.

As a guide, I generally schedule sessions Tuesday and Thursday between 11am and 5pm UK time.  If there are no times in my calendar that are suitable for you, drop me an email and we’ll work something out.

It’s best to prepare questions before the session so we can cover everything that’s important to you.

Our time together is a sacred ritual of accessing intuition. All readings are confidential.

I am in the UK so please be aware of international timeframes when you purchase a tarot reading with me.

Disclaimer: An intuitive tarot or oracle reading is for spiritual guidance or entertainment only.  You’re responsible for your own actions/thoughts/beliefs and any decision you make based on a reading is yours alone.  Please don’t use a reading as a substitute for professional legal, medical or financial advice.

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