Usually, I find the summer solstice bittersweet.  The weather is warm and the days light, then in an instant, the turning of the wheel moves towards the darker, colder half of the year.  It seems cruel to take away the light after a long, cold winter.  I greedily want to grab it, bathe my bones and warm my soul in it.

With the winter solstice so close to the new calendar year, we naturally gravitate towards dreams and goals.  We plan, we resolve and we welcome the newness of the waxing year.  We could get carried away in the summer months and ignore the change of the year until the leaves fall from trees and a cold nip in the air returns.  Instead, at least for me, I reflect on the solstice.

Have the previous six months been the best they could have been? What needs to change? How do I need to change?  Am I loving my life?  What do I need to do to make the waning year good for me?

Recently, I stumbled upon a passage in a book, The Female Brain, by Louann Brizedine MD:

“A century ago, menopause was relatively rare.  Even in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the average age of death for women in the United States was forty-nine – two years before the typical woman ends her menstrual cycle………..  planning for many years after menopause is historically a new option for women.  Being able to visualise exciting projects of their own choosing can be one of the most delightful parts of women’s lives in the new century.”

A couple of hundred years ago, our not-so-distant relatives could not look forward to the autumn and winters of life.  Statistically, I am half-way through the current life expectancy for women in the UK – I am at my summer solstice. I have, I hope, more years to fill with living.

This realisation that I am blessed to enjoy the coming darker months (and more years than my fore-mothers had) made me reflect harder than usual.  The question I kept coming back to: Am I loving my life?

And the answer was no, not really.  I’m liking my life but I’m not fall-on, head-first in love with it.  I’m not living my highest heart-soul expression.

Heart-soul expression…

I don’t want to spend the next six months of this year (or more… like for ever) just cruising along on mediocre.

This year, the solstice isn’t bittersweet.  I’ve already celebrated the longest day at a private ritual at Stonehenge and on the solstice, I am meeting with friends to walk a labyrinth.  I’m welcoming the energy, eager to grab it and use it to propel through the next six-months.  I want to love life and do the things that make my heart sing.

I’ve started food blogging again (love food!).  I’m working with my friend Amanda to bring goddess & women-wisdom workshops later in the year.  I’m offering holistic therapies and readings a couple of times a week at a local New Age shop on the sea front.

And, I want to write more.

Writing is one of the things I love to do.  Being able to express myself through the written word has been my therapy and constant creative outlet for over a decade.  I want to do more of that and I want to help you find words beautiful too.

I have a free five-day writing challenge beginning this Wednesday to help you find your authentic writer’s voice.  I struggled with this when I first decided I wanted to write.  Yet, feeling comfortable in your own writer’s skin helps you express yourself in your blogging, social media, newsletters, and even in your personal journalling.