Unlock the mysteries of the tarot

Discover how to read tarot cards intuitively

Do you feel overwhelmed by the tarot and think it’s too confusing or difficult to learn?

Do you stick to oracle card readings because they’re ‘easier’ than learning to read tarot?

Do you want to read tarot but not sure where to start?


    Learning to read the tarot and understanding the cards is a rewarding experience.  Tarot cards can show the energetic patterns that represent the past, present and future.  Knowing how to interpret the cards means you gain guidance and direction for yourself and for others.

    And, when you learn to read the tarot intuitively, it means never having to rely on memory or having to refer to a book for answers.  Your tarot deck is a reliable tool to unlock own intuition.

    The Journey into Tarot course is perfect for you if:

    • You’re a complete beginner with a curiosity to learn tarot.
    • You want to expand your intuitive readings – moving from oracle cards to tarot.
    • You’re a little rusty with tarot cards and want to build your confidence up again.
    • You want a deeper understanding of the tarot.
    • You want to trust your intuition

    Journey into Tarot is a seven-week course that requires you to become familiar with the tarot so that your intuition can grow and develop. 

    You’ll learn the traditional meanings of tarot cards alongside discovering how to read tarot intuitively

    One of the beautiful things about tarot is how it can be used as a key to unlock deeper understanding of oneself – it doesn’t have to be about reading for other people.  You can use the cards to discover messages from your higher self, tap into your subconscious or uncover patterns that could impact your future.  Learning tarot can be an aid for self-care as well as a useful tool in your healer, coach or spiritual seeker toolkit.

    If you want a quick-fix way to learn about the 78 tarot cards then this course isn’t for you.  There are weekly Zoom lessons as well as daily journaling – as with all arts, learning to read the tarot requires you to give of yourself to unlock its secrets.

    Journey into Tarot is the foundation of a lifelong love affair with tarot.  And, the beginning of your path as a confident tarot reader.

    Journey into Tarot is a seven-week online tarot course.  Over the duration of the course, we gather weekly for a group tarot lesson via Zoom.  Each week, you’ll receive a lesson guidebook (PDF) and throughout the course, you’ll be expected to keep a daily tarot journal.

    We will be using the Rider Waite tarot deck throughout the course.  You will need your own copy of the Rider Waite tarot deck – this is NOT supplied with the course.

    Apart from having a copy of the Rider Waite deck, there is no other requirement for joining this course.  You don’t have to have any previous knowledge of tarot to enjoy this course.  However, curiosity and a willingness to dive deeper into your intuition is a must!

    Course Overview

    Week 1            Major Arcana

    Week 2            Minor Arcana – Cups

    Week 3            Minor Arcana – Swords

    Week 4            Minor Arcana – Pentacles

    Week 5            Minor Arcana – Wands

    Week 6            The Court Cards

    Week 7            Tarot Spreads & Tarot Tips

    Throughout the course, there will be opportunity and encouragement for students to read for each other

    Each week, a guidebook (PDF) will be provided to support your tarot journey.  By combining traditional card meanings with intuitive learning, you develop your own sense of the cards.  You’ll understand the messages and wisdom the cards are revealing to you.

    Online group Zoom learning calls are held Thursday evenings from 7pm UK time.  They last approximately one-hour but please schedule 90-minutes for the first and last calls.

    Journey into Tarot: Course Recap

    Journey into Tarot is a seven-week, hands-on tarot course that bridges the gap between traditional tarot card meanings and your intuition

    By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read tarot intuitively and confidently without the need of reference material.

    The online course includes weekly Zoom lessons and guidebooks (PDF) to support your online learning.

    You’ll be required to keep a tarot journal for the duration of the course.  You can use a notebook or you can use the printable Journey into Tarot journal provided with the course.

    You will need your own copy of the Rider Wait tarot deck.  This is not supplied.


    Your Tarot Guides

    Journey into Tarot is a programme created by myself and my husband, Paul.  We will both be guiding and supporting you as you develop along your tarot path. 

    We’re both experienced tarot readers with a passion for helping others to unlock their intuitive gifts.

    Over the past twenty-years, we’ve run tarot courses, been regular readers in spiritual shops and at mind-body-spirit fairs, read tarot on psychic phone lines, and we’ve run our own successful, tarot reading business.

    We actually met through an online tarot reading in 2002.

    We have more tarot decks than we care to count and I have a tarot deck in progress – Wisdom of the Depths – that will be available summer 2021.

    We’re excited to share our passion and our knowledge with you.

    The Journey into Tarot course begins on Thursday 18th March 2021 with the first lesson at 7pm (UK time) via Zoom.

    Spaces are limited.

    Early bird special is only £149. 

    It’s available until 11th March and then the price will rise to £199.

    Once you have enrolled in the course, you’ll receive an initial welcome email.  Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive anything within an hour of purchasing.  Still nothing?  Drop an email to [email protected]

    Details of our Zoom calls will be sent out weekly along with any supporting guidebooks.

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