Juicing Detox Day 7: Breakthrough

Previously I’ve been craving random foods and my energy levels hadn’t changed.  In fact, yesterday I was ready to go to bed again at 8.30 in the evening.  Today felt like a breakthrough.

I haven’t been tired (albeit reluctant to get up from under a warm duvet this morning).  I can’t describe the way I’ve felt any better than ‘light’ particularly in my head.  Not light-headed as if I’m going to faint from fasting but lightness in clarity, thoughts and sort of a buzz.

I’ve had a busy day of writing and that usually makes me tired from staring into the screen so I’m quite amazed that I’m still typing away at after 10pm.  In all honesty, I am beginning to get tired now but I’ve reached a respectable tired-for-bed time.

I’ve made it to seven days of juicing and I’m not going to blog daily about it.  I’ll catch you up next week in a round-up of the week.

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