We have a family tradition of going to the beach every New Year’s day. For as long as I can remember, I feel the sea call me at the start of a new year and even when I was back in London, I’d try my best to walk along the shore. It wasn’t so convenient back then – a good hour drive instead of the 10 minutes I have now.

Instead of jumping in the car, we walked to the sea today. We got up when it was still dark and a crescent moon hung in the sky. The birds were just beginning to greet the new day with their songs but not surprisingly, there were very few people out at 7am on New Year’s day to enjoy it.

As we walked, the sun rose and by the time we got to the beach, it was hovering above the Solent.

Sunrise over the Solent on New Year's Day 2019

In all the years I’ve lived here, it was only the second time I’d walked to the beach. It took an hour each way, and about 45-minutes to walk the mile stretch of beach and back again. Can’t lie, my feet and bones are sore from the walk but it was worth the ache to welcome the sun on this new year.

When I got home, I sat with my journal and pulled a tarot card for today. The Sun greeted me again.


I’ve chosen to work with the Thoth tarot deck this year, not a deck I’m very familiar with so I looked in the little white book to see its uptake on The Sun. To be honest, most of the explanations for Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck go over my head but today, my eyes were drawn to “Lord of light, life, liberty and love.” That I can understand.

Light, life, liberty and love…. perfect to begin the new year. It’s what I wish for myself throughout this year. Last year felt heavy and dark, especially during the last quarter, and I am allowing my heart to feel hopeful that the sun is going to stay shining throughout 2019.

Happy New Year! And may your new year be full of light, life, liberty and love too.

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