It’s bank holiday here in the UK and rather unusually, the sun has been out.  Weather boffins are saying it’s the hottest May Day bank holiday on record and they may just be right.  I haven’t been out too long in the sun today but between an hour yesterday and about 90-minutes today, I’m very red in places.

Me in the sunWe went to a May Day fete at the Explosion Museum in Gosport.  There wasn’t a great deal to see or do but the museum was open (and free) so we had a wander.  I went there years ago when my sons were young and Tabby was a toddler but I can’t say it appealed today.

As we live in a naval area, most of the local museums are linked to the military and the Explosion Museum is dedicated to gun power and bombs – all the wonderful ways we can annihilate each other.  I confess that I’ve always had a fascination with warfare, which is bizarre coming from a pacifist, and I used to look forward to my mum taking me to the Imperial War Museum in London when I was a girl (must be a past life thing).  Now instead of seeing engineering achievements, I only see the horror of what the human mind can unleash. So I don’t think I’ll be heading to any military museums in the near future.

It’s been a low key long weekend with a few beach walks, a little reading, a lot of food prep and I even squeezed in a coffee date with my husband while Tabby was out playing with friends.  Tomorrow though is going to be busy so I might not stop by to blog as I’m out all day (visiting ancient yew trees, dinner with a friend and then going to a talk on rune magick).

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