Meet Lyn Thurman

Lyn ThurmanLyn Thurman is a modern-day mystic, with one foot in the ocean and an eye on the moon.

Lyn is the author of The Inner Goddess Revolution and Goddess Rising. She’s the founder of the Inner Goddess Circle and the creator of the Sea Whispers oracle. With her special interest in the divine feminine, she bases her spiritual & holistic therapy practice around the gifts of the Goddess – nourishment, intuition, healing and creativity.

A qualified life coach and passionate EFT tapper, Lyn works with women to reconnect to their spirit, remember their divine purpose and to unleash their inner goddesses!

She lives on the south coast of England with her family and a ridiculous amount of tarot decks.

The Unofficial Bio

I’m Lyn Thurman and this is my millionth attempt to write a fabulous ‘about me’ page that tells you what I do, what I can do for you plus a few quirky facts thrown in so you’ll find me interesting and adorable.

The ‘experts’ tell you that this is what this page is for (making me interesting and adorable) but that feels all wrong (hence the million attempts – things are harder when they don’t feel right) so I’ll just ramble about a bit. I’m good at that.

I’m a long-term blogger, writer and published author, as well as a qualified life coach, EFT tapper, artist and intuitive guide.

I help women look for deeper meaning in their lives especially when they feel stuck in place.  I guide you to find, acknowledge and unleash your divine potential.

I have a special interest in the divine feminine, Her stories and how, as women, we can tap into the Goddess energy to make our own lives better.

Life is too short to be stuck in Mundania. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s as dull as it sounds. Modern life has a way of keeping us stuck into patterns and situations that dull our sparkle. I believe that by unleashing our inner goddesses, we can turn life from mundane to magical. It’s a journey (and I’m a work in progress but aren’t we all?).

Those ‘experts’ I mentioned also tell you to find a niche and write for that audience. I’ve tried and failed at that because it doesn’t feel right (I work by feeling, as you can tell). We’re multifaceted beings and I’m not happy when I restrict my interests. Isn’t our mission on this beautiful planet to expand and be whole? I like to think so.

If I have to condense my mission in this world then it’s this:  my mission is to bring divine feminine gifts into a world that’s gone a little crazy on masculine energy.


The Inner Goddess Revolution BookWe are all creative beings… only we forget the creative potential running through our veins.

We can create life and we can create a life that moves our spirit and soul.

My own creativity includes:

I’m a published author; my book The Inner Goddess Revolution was published in 2015 by O Books and in 2017 I self-published Goddess Rising.

I’ve published various smaller publications through the years.

I have a workshop on writing: The Write Elements.

I’ve worked as a freelance editor for a major player in online content plus I founded my own e-magazine, the Soul Path magazine.

I’m featured in:

  • Wild And Precious: A Guide To Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss And Changing The World.
  • Pagan Planet: Being, Believing and Belonging in the Twenty-First Century.

I created the Sea Whispers Oracle deck (self-published), which is now available as a mobile app.


Intuition is the inner goddess GPS. It’s a gift to guide us in the right direction as well as steer us away from harm.

I’m an intuitive. If I don’t follow my intuition then life ends up going haywire.

I read and teach tarot.

I have a ridiculous amount of tarot and oracle decks. Ridiculous, I say!


Nourishment is not only for the body but for the mind, spirit & soul too.  In our fast moving world, we forget to nourish. It’s no wonder so many of us out sick and stressed. The inner goddess movement is a gentle reminder of nourishment.

I used to have a popular vegetarian food blog and then I stopped writing (and cooking) because I was too busy. Stupid. Really stupid.

I neglected nourishment and guess what? My weight ballooned, IBS happened, my stress levels rocketed and my hair fell out.

My journey is to holistically nourish myself and hopefully inspire you in the process.


Stress, dis-ease and feeling out of alignment with one’s soul all impact the body-mind-spirit. We were never designed to carry the weight of the modern world on our shoulders. 

I’m a passionate EFT tapper (that’s emotional freedom technique) and I’ve used it for about a decade now. It’s one of those things that looks a little weird but delivers a punch (not literally). It helps release blocked emotions, reset beliefs and can even help with physical symptoms. It’s really rather magical.

I believe looking after the mind-body-spirit is key to healing.

Sharing our truths and telling our stories is powerful healing juju.  We need to do more of that.

I have certificates and diplomas in life coaching, EFT, reiki, Rohun therapy, nutrition and hypnosis.

Lyn at Avebury - Feb 2014


Traditional religions aren’t for everyone. I encourage you to step on your own spiritual path.

I’m a mix of woo-woo, new age and good ol’ fashioned spirituality with a healthy dose of the divine feminine thrown in for good measure.

I have a membership circle, The Inner Goddess Circle, for lovely ladies (and men) who want to explore the Goddess energy and leave Mundania behind (it’s a mix of spirituality and self-help).

The interesting and adorable bits

Lyn ThurmanWell, probably not but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

I am a little obsessed with the sea. I moved from London to the south coast in 2007 and being near the sea soothes my soul.  I take photos whenever I’m down on the beach and I post them on Instagram or my Facebook page (with the hashtag #seatherapy)

I’m a crazy dog lady.  I don’t own my own dogs any more but I dog sit for other people and I LOVE it.

I’ve been tied to a maypole and had Morris dancers shake their sticks at me (and I’ve stood in the middle of a crop circle – but not with Morris dancers).

I swam a mile non-stop.

My very first ambition was to be a nurse. I’d like to tell you it was to help people but my reason was to walk along corridors, preferably with a clip board, and look important.

I bought my first camera when I was eleven. It was a disk camera, which at the time was a bold move away from 35mm films.  It didn’t catch on (you’ve probably never heard of it). I still love taking photos.

I gave birth to my daughter at home, totally naturally, with the help of a wonderful midwife.  A few hours later, I took her for her first adventure to pick my sons up from school.

I’m a qualified manicurist & nail technician.  I’ve bitten my nails for most of my life and I hate nail extensions.

I met my husband through an online tarot reading.

I travelled to Greece by myself when I was 14 to stay with my pen friend that I met when I was nine.

I went through a period of having prophetic dreams about plane crashes and train wrecks. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen any more.

I’ve worked in France and attended school in Austria.

Buck Rogers was my first pretend boyfriend (not that I’ve made a habit of having pretend boyfriends).

I’ve recently developed a love of olives and, this is absolutely true, I think I prefer them to chocolate.

My sun sign is Pisces, my moon is in Cancer, and I have Aquarius rising.

Now what?

You can…. find me over at Facebook

You can…. say hello and send me an email.

You can…. join me at the Inner Goddess Circle. It’s full of sacred Goddess goodness and wonderful women who want more from life.

You can…. grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever takes your fancy) and read my blog.


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