After waiting 6 months since my dentist didn’t remove my tooth properly I finally had the appointment today to finish the work.  The anesthetic is wearing off as I type and the throb, throb, throb of the surgery is beginning to hit home.

I’m pleased it’s over and I now want to heal.  I also never want to experience losing a tooth again.

I wanted to blog tonight but wasn’t sure I’d be much in the mood.  I then remembered I never shared my photos of when we visited Bath last October.  So I’m going with that Goddess inspired thought!

Bath is famous for… wait for it…. its Roman baths.  This is Britain’s only natural hot spring and has been a sacred site for several thousands of years; first for the Celts then by the Romans.


This is how it would have looked in Roman times when it was called Aquae Sulis:

Roman Baths

There is a temple at the site.  It’s dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva but it also had a strong link to Luna:


This is a tablet found at the baths in 1882.  It shows Minerva with a gorgon mask across her stomach.


This is Minerva again:

The Romans took their goddess, and their cursing seriously:

Curses at Bath

Warning: Don’t steal gloves!

Bath Curse

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