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Tarot Reading Consultation

Tarot or oracle readings for curious seekers

Receiving guidance from spiritual realms is a role of the priestess, both in the past and in present times. If you have questions and seek answers that may have evaded you so far, you can book a reading with me.

60-minute tarot reading with me via Zoom.


Subrosa Soul Therapy

Unique healing therapy to balance the energetic body

Blending emotional freedom technique (EFT Tapping), chakra therapy and shamanic healing techniques, Subrosa Soul Therapy sessions help bring your energetic body back into balance so you can feel calmer, more positive and greater well-being in your life.  

60-minute Subrosa Soul Therapy session via Zoom.


Home Blessings

Space cleansings and clearings

If your home, shop or office feels heavy or negative then you may benefit from having the space cleansed and blessed.  This ceremony helps restore the energy of the environment, creating a sense of peace and balance.  Space cleansing can be beneficial when moving into a new property, selling your existing home, or after energetic upsets.

Please note, this is not an exorcism.

Ceremonies & Celebrations

Rites of Passage for modern times

Life is a celebration from the first in-breath to the last out-breath. Traditional ceremonies held in religious buildings no longer appeal to many people but there is still a need to honour the journey through life.  Ceremonies include: naming ceremonies, menarche celebrations, hand-fastings, croning ceremonies and life celebrations.  

Contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Talks & Workshops

Engaging talks or workshops at your event

Need an experienced speaker or workshop facilitator?  I’m available for local talks and workshops in North Wales/North West England (from April 2020) and throughout the UK.

Topics covered include: history of witchcraft, modern witchcraft practices, the divine feminine, energy healing through the chakras and EFT (emotional freedom technique).  I’m also happy to talk about zombie mythology!

Let’s talk!

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