Tarot Reading By Email

An email tarot reading is perfect when you want to get to the heart of the matter.  Ask two questions and get insights delivered straight to your inbox.

Tarot Readings

For this tarot reading, you can ask two questions and have your answers or insights delivered by email.  

Tarot readings are for guidance and can offer insight or clarification into your life situations.  An email reading is designed to get straight to the heart of the issue (it’s not an in-depth reading – you might want to book a tarot reading via Zoom if you have many questions or require deep insights).

Fill out the form below, hit submit and then proceed to payment.   

I aim to deliver your email tarot reading to you within 5 working days (this doesn’t include weekends or bank holidays).

10 + 8 =

Disclaimer: An intuitive tarot or oracle reading is for spiritual guidance or entertainment only.  You’re responsible for your own actions/thoughts/beliefs and any decision you make based on a reading is yours alone.  Please don’t use a reading as a substitute for professional legal, medical or financial advice.

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