I’m a director of the Quiet Rebel Bureau, a company I started in October 2018 with my husband.  It was born out of my passion for books, my belief that everyone has a story to share (some of us have many) and my experience of working with small businesses, usually with technology or coaching.   Basically, the Quiet Rebel Bureau helps mind-body-authors self-publish books and helps spiritual entrepreneurs in business.

I believe the world needs small businesses that run from the heart as well as the mind.  It’s really important to me because small businesses and start-ups have the flexibility to shake up the old paradigm of business and do good things.  Many entrepreneurs, especially in the spiritual field, seem a bit lost when it comes to technology – my background is in IT and I’ve been working with website design since 1997!

I found the traditional route of publishing to be a lonely experience and nothing at all how I had imagined it to be.  So after The Inner Goddess Revolution was published I decided to self-publish subsequent books.  I did everything apart from the final edit – wrote the book, designed the cover, laid out the interior – for Goddess Rising.  It made a lot of sense to help other authors self-publish and it gives me so much pleasure to see others realise their dreams. 

If you want to work with me to get your book into print or need help getting your business online, let’s talk.  You can contact me here or find me at the Quiet Rebel Bureau.

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