Subrosa Soul Therapy

As complex, vibrational beings living in a hectic (and often exhausting) world, our energy systems can feel the strain of modern life.  Subrosa Soul Therapy brings together emotional freedom technique (EFT Tapping), chakra therapy and shamanic techniques to get to the heart of your issues and help you release the energetic constraints that are stopping you living life to the full.

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A Subrosa Soul Therapy session takes an holistic approach to energy healing, recognising that imbalances in your energetic body can cause emotional, mental, spiritual and physical ailments.  

Bringing your energetic body into alignment can help:

  • Assist the body to self-heal 
  • Promote a sense of well-being 
  • Ease the impact of painful situations and provide clarity to see solutions
  • Lessen tension held within the body
  • Give you a greater understanding on your journey through life and how to travel with less baggage

Know something is off balance energetically but you can’t seem to pinpoint what it is?  During a therapy session, I use specially designed Subrosa Soul cards to let your higher self guide you to your own answers.

Together we look at the energy centre that’s imbalanced, the emotion that’s being held there, the cause of the issue and the unhelpful belief which is keeping you from healing.  

Subrosa Soul Therapy is a unique blend of:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping).  Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapy based on tapping certain acupressure points in the upper body combined with talk therapy.  It brings issues/emotions to the surface where they can then be ‘tapped’ to bring relief.  I’ve been using EFT personally and professionally for over 15-years and it’s my go-to therapy.  Results are often long lasting and can happen very quickly.

Chakra Therapy.  The chakras are energy centres residing within the body.  The seven main chakras each correspond to life stages, emotional issues, physical ailments and archetypes.  When the energy is imbalanced in these centres, life becomes less of a joy and more of a struggle.  Chakra healing in conjunction with EFT provides a safe, painless way to balance your energy body and to get to the root of the issues bothering you.

Shamanic Healing Techniques.  Not all issues or energetic blocks stem from this lifetime or have a ‘logical’ root at the cause.  Often, shamanic techniques can help bring the energy body back into balance.

Sessions are an hour long and conducted over Zoom.  You don’t need to bring anything with you to the session, although you might want a glass of water nearby (energy work is thirsty work).

During our Subrosa Soul Therapy session, we will be working with concepts of energy centres (chakras), ancestral wounds, past lives, higher self, spirit guides, and soul fragmentation alongside current life issues such as relationships and events/circumstances.   An open mind isn’t necessary but it does make things easier!

Book a Subrosa Soul Therapy session via Zoom with me

Subrosa Soul Therapy sessions are via Zoom (or similar video conferencing software).  Each session lasts one hour.

Purchase your session  and then drop me an email with some suggested dates and times when you’re available beginning the following week.

As a guide, I generally schedule therapy sessions Tuesday to Thursday between 11am and 7pm UK time.  I do have a degree of flexibility so it’s highly likely we can arrange a mutually suitable time but if we can’t, I’ll refund your booking fee.

When we’ve agreed on a time and date, I’ll email you the Zoom link.  Our time together is interactive – just as it would be if you and I were meeting face-to-face.

Subrosa Soul Therapy sessions last 60 minutes.  

Our time together for a therapy session is a sacred ritual of accessing stored emotions, energetic blocks and working with intuition. All sessions are confidential.

I am in the UK so please be aware of international time frames when you purchase a therapy session with me.

Disclaimer: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), chakra therapy and shamanic healing techniques (combined as Subrosa Soul Therapy) are complementary therapies.   They are to assist you in your healing journey but are not intended to replace professional medical advice.  Please consult your doctor before undertaking any complementary therapy.

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