Competition: Caption This Tarot Card & Win Tarot Art Print

EDIT 19th September:  I gave the job of choosing a winner to my teenage daughter.  She picked KATIE OMEN.  Thanks everyone for joining in the fun.  The real Knight of Pentacles has arrived so I can replace that card.  However, it will always be the Knight of Testicles...
Earlybird alert! Wisdom of the Depths Tarot Kickstarter campaign

Wisdom of the Depths Tarot: It’s Finished!

My tarot deck is finished!!  And, I finished on a Friday the thirteenth, which is always a lucky day for me. It took me just under a year to create The Wisdom of the Depths tarot.  I had a creative lull in the middle when I just didn’t feel like creating...
How NOT to fall off a bus

How NOT to fall off a bus

At the end of last month, full of enthusiasm for local lockdown restrictions being lifted, I took a bus to the beautiful, Victorian seaside town of Llandudno. It’s an hour and a half journey by bus. It’s the scenic route with distant mountain views, quaint towns,...
A Year in Wales

A Year in Wales

The 23rd March is our Welsh anniversary.  I can honestly say that when I decided to move to Wales, I had no idea that I’d arrive on the cusp of a national lockdown.  We made it by ten-hours. Driving on the motorway, we all received a text message from the UK...

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