Mysteries abound and for those of us called to it, secrets unravel and wisdom reveals itself.  Truth can be found if we’re willing and brave enough to peel away the layers of this ‘reality’.

Beyond the hedge, magic awaits.

I’m Lyn Thurman, a published author, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, quiet rebel, witch and modern-day priestess.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and get to know me better.  I write sporadically on my blog here and at Patheos Pagan.  Or take look at my Sea Whispers oracle.

I have lots going on – mixing spiritual, self-development and business (which is a sacred art).

I’m a director of the Quiet Rebel Bureau. If you’ve found me but are looking for self-publishing, marketing or business advice, you can either drop me an email or head on over to the Quiet Rebel Bureau.

You can find me on social media in all the usual places but I’d be delighted if you’d stay in touch – sign up to my newsletter.

13 Moons Women's Circle

Hampshire based women’s circle and soon-to-be online circle for soulful women.

Mystic Rebel Magazine

A new, free quarterly e-magazine to awaken your spirit and stir your soul.

The Quiet Rebel Bureau

Business is sacred and small businesses can change the world. 

“It’s mind blowing when you look up, rather than down, and realise just how tiny you are; just a little heart beating in a sliver of time from eternity.  And yet, you’re part of the Universe – made from vibrating cosmic energy just like those twinkling stars light-years away. You, me, and everything – all connected.” ~ from The Inner Goddess Revolution

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