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A free, downloadable journal to help you divine the energy of 2022 by noticing omens, signs, and synchronicities over the 12 days of Christmas.

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The twelve days after Christmas day are liminal times – a bridge between the old year and the new. Even with the busyness of after-Christmas sales and the celebration of New Year, these days feel somehow out of place. There’s a lull. A pause. An opportunity to reflect and receive.

Magic is afoot.

These in-between days – the Omen Days – are ripe for divination. This journal invites you to pay attention to signs from the Universe between 26th December and 6th January.

Record insights and observations that seem or feel meaningful for you. Everything can have a meaning – there are no wrong or right ways to record your observations. They might even seem obscure or unhelpful – you don’t have to have all the answers right away. Sometimes it’s
with hindsight that you can understand the meaning of the omens. This journal gives you the opportunity to develop and hone your intuitive skills.

Each day represents the energy of a month in the new year and you set the intention to receive guidance. What you notice on a particular day is an insight into the energy of a forthcoming month. You start on 26th December, noticing omens for January. The next day, the 27th, is for February and so on. By the end of the Twelve Days, you will have a very personal divination reading of the year ahead.

The Universe (or however you perceive the great consciousness of creation) is always guiding us and giving us information to help keep us on our paths. The Omen Days are times when it is easier for us to notice these signs and synchronicities.

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