Wisdom of the Depths Tarot Deck


The Wisdom of the Depths Tarot reimagines the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition with a stunning ocean theme. Each card is a handcrafted digital collage, featuring quirky characters, familiar sea creatures, and artist’s photography. Explore the depths of your intuition, navigate life’s currents, and discover hidden treasures within yourself. Limited Kickstarter edition, second and final print.

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Unveiling the Secrets of the Deep: The Wisdom of the Depths Tarot Deck

Embark on a mystical journey with the Wisdom of the Depths Tarot Deck, a collection of 79 spellbinding tarot cards. Drawing inspiration from the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, this deck dives beneath the surface, weaving a narrative through the language of the sea.

This is your second and final chance to acquire this Kickstarter success story! The Wisdom of the Depths Tarot Deck arrives in a sturdy 2-piece box, safeguarding your treasured cards for years to come. A full-color Little White Book (LWB) provides insightful interpretations, key tarot terms, and a QR code unlocking the comprehensive digital guide. Plus, a bonus card adds a touch of mystery to your readings. You can see all the cards here on my website.

Embrace the Currents:

  • A Collector’s Gem: Funded on Kickstarter, this limited-edition deck is in its second and final independent printing.
  • For the Ocean Soul: Calling all sea witches, ocean enthusiasts, and those drawn to the watery depths – this deck speaks your language.
  • A Visual Feast: Witness the fusion of vintage charm, stunning seascapes, and mystical symbolism in every card.

Unleash Your Inner Navigator:

  • Dive Deep: Explore the hidden currents of your subconscious, guided by the wisdom and intuition whispered by the ocean.
  • Enhanced Guidance: Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just setting sail, the included digital guidebook offers insightful interpretations and keywords for each card.
  • A Journey for All: This deck seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, making it accessible to all levels of tarot exploration.

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