In Gosport, the town where I live, there’s a brick labyrinth tucked away in a little park.  It’s becoming a tradition to meet with friends to walk the labyrinth to mark the solstices.  We met up last summer for the first time and then we walked on the winter solstice in the dark.

Yesterday, was our third solstice walk.  Each time has been a different experience but all have the common thread of reflection for me.  A twice yearly ritual creates a marker so you can easily see if life has progressed or halted since your last trip.  I would like to say I can see a beautiful life-flow since Yule but I can’t.

I brought my cauldron with me (as you do) so we could write down the things that were hindering us and then burn them at the centre.  I had a couple of things on my paper but as the drumming started (we had drums going into the centre and a singing bowl on the way out), the drum gave me another word and I meditated on that instead during my walk to the centre.

Strangely, I cannot for the life of me remember what that word is now.  Just 24-hours later and that word is gone.  Poof!! I’m going to take it as a good sign or else I might have to blame it on peri-menopausal brain fog.

Whatever I left behind, my spirit wanted me to replace it with power, quite appropriate for the heightened solar energy.  I walked out silently chanting ‘power’ and realising, not for the first time, that I have been avoiding stepping into my own power and that is probably why I don’t see a great deal of forward momentum since last solstice (and the one before that).

In fact, my life feels somewhat stuck in limbo.

I lost my writing mojo for the longest time and it’s now only just returning.  I decided to step back from spiritual work, including stopping tarot readings.  I haven’t created very much in the past three years.  There’s been little expansion.

Many of the things that I was excited about last summer solstice didn’t come to pass.

Not complaining, just reflecting.

There have been some good things happening too but that’s been of a more personal, spiritual nature.  I am being published in an anthology, Inanna’s Ascent, by The Girl God later this summer.  And there are a couple of projects that have caught my interest and need pursuing.

But overall, I’m not where I thought I’d be this time last year.  I need to work on personal power and use it to make life more pleasing to me.

How about you?  How have you progressed in the past 6-months or faltered like me?

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