Quite often we potter about on Sunday – usually up to the car boot sale at the local high school. We’re always looking out for oddities which other people throw out and we seem to love. I’ve found several Tarot decks, a rune set and a lot of astrology books. There’s also a lady who sells gemstone jewellery which I can’t seem to resist! I do mean the jewellery and not the lady 😉

But this Sunday was different. The boys went to play in the park and the furthest I went was to the local shop to buy some salad for dinner. I’ve been feeling heavy and have the need to lighten myself.

My weight has been a battle since I was a child and I’ve probably tried every diet in the book. I gave up dieting in my early 30s and with the lack of focus on food I actually lost weight. I discovered EFT around the same time and that helped too.

But now I’m unhappy with my weight and I don’t want to diet again (because I believe that breeds obsession).  I’ve been spending too much time living in the mundane and not in the spiritual.  I’m keeping myself grounded by, well, being too heavy to live a light life.

Now that’s about to change.

It’s time to mix things up. Take chances. Get out of my comfort zone. Confront demons and conquer them.

So today we didn’t do anything we normally do.  We stayed in bed (allowed because the kids are home from school), went out for brunch then went for a walk in the country.

We also talked about what to do with the rest of the week.  The boys are heading off to spend a week with their dad so we’re going to take a break too.  We haven’t got anywhere booked and we only know the direction we want to head.  I actually began to get worried about spending some time away – my thoughts went to our everyday routines and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be without them.

But I caught myself.

Tomorrow we’re going away.  Not sure where we’ll end up but I’ll keep you posted.

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