The Sea Whispers Oracle

The Sea Whispers Oracle is a 48-card oracle deck drenched in the wisdom of the ocean and splashed with the spirit of the sea. The cards feature marine and nautical life as well as seaside culture.  Encouraging you to dive deep into your intuition, they offer guidance and insight into your present circumstances and future outcomes.

Available as an app

UPDATE 2021: I’m temporarily retiring the Sea Whispers oracle cards but they remain available as an app from Indie Goes for Apple, Android and Amazon.


The beautifully designed 48-cards have both upright and reversed meanings.  The messages empower and gently guide you to navigate the ebb and flow of life.

If you prefer your oracle cards to be served to you digitally, you can now download the Sea Whispers Oracle app.  It’s free with a full version that unlocks all 48-cards.

The cards are printed on premium 300gsm card stock and they come in a white box.

Sadly, due to a drastic increase in prices at the printers I use, I am not keeping a stock of Sea Whispers Oracle cards but I will order your copy direct from the printer.  Please allow up to 14-days for delivery.

With each deck, you’ll find a top secret link to the Sea Whispers Oracle guide ebook for you to download or print.

Please be aware that I order your copy direct from the Printers and it takes approximately 2 weeks for your deck to be printed and arrive.  If you want a quicker option, you can download the Sea Whispers app.

Available as a mobile app

The Sea Whispers Oracle is now available as an app for smartphones and mobile devices. You can download the free app version right now (the full app is available for a small fee and includes all 48-cards, uprights and reversals).

All artwork copyright Lyn Thurman

Photo credits and thanks to Mike Baird, TC Photography, Q Phia, Jon Parise, Craig Nagy, NOAA Photo Library, Joi Ito, Tomas Fano

Sea Whisper Oracle App

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