Vision to Deck

Custom Tarot & Oracle Card Design

Calling all Spiritual Entrepreneurs! Do you have a powerful message to share with the world? Is there a burning desire to create your own oracle or tarot deck but feel overwhelmed by the design process?

My Vision to Deck service is your one-stop shop for bringing your unique vision to life. As a graphic designer specialising in tarot and oracle cards, with successful Kickstarter campaigns and self-publishing experience under my belt, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Turn Your Vision into Reality

Vision to Deck empowers you to craft a stunning and impactful oracle deck, from concept to launch. Here’s what the Vision to Deck service offers:

Expert Consultation

We’ll brainstorm themes, card meanings, and overall deck structure to ensure your message resonates deeply.

Enchanting Design

From meaningful imagery to clear, intuitive layouts, I’ll work with you to create a deck that’s both beautiful and functional.

Seamless Self-Publishing

Whether you choose Kickstarter or another platform, I’ll provide support and resources to launch your deck with confidence.

Why Choose Vision to Deck?

  • Save Time & Energy: Focus on crafting your message and leave the design heavy lifting to me. I’ll translate your vision into a cohesive and beautiful deck, freeing you to dedicate your energy to the content that matters most.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd: Create a unique deck that reflects your brand and empowers your audience. We’ll collaborate to design a digital collage deck with stunning visuals and clear, intuitive layouts that resonate with your target users and leave a lasting impression.
  • Experience & Expertise: Benefit from my proven track record in tarot and oracle card design and self-publishing. I’ll guide you through the entire process, from brainstorming themes and card meanings to navigating the intricacies of self-publishing on platforms like Kickstarter.

Ready to turn your vision into a reality?

Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation and let’s discuss how we can create a stunning oracle or tarot deck that empowers you and your clients!

vision to deck consultation package

Bring Your Tarot or Oracle Deck Vision to Life

Tired of generic tarot decks? Do you have a unique theme or message burning to be expressed through cards? Vision to Deck’s Consultation Package is your one-stop shop for turning your visionary idea into a reality.

Unleash Your Inner Deck Creator

Our in-depth consultation package equips you with the tools and guidance to transform your concept into a powerful tarot or oracle deck. I’ll work closely with you to:

  • Brainstorm and Develop: We’ll delve into your vision, exploring themes, messages, and target audience. Together, we’ll craft a deck that resonates deeply.
  • Structure & Guidance: Unsure if you want a traditional tarot structure or a unique oracle system? I’ll provide expert advice to guide you towards the perfect fit.
  • Meaningful Cards: Craft compelling narratives for each card. I’ll help you develop keywords and interpretations that bring your deck to life.
  • Crowdfunding Success: Dreaming of launching your deck on Kickstarter? I’ll equip you with the knowledge to navigate the platform and achieve funding goals.

Invest in Your Visionary Deck

This package is the essential first step for aspiring tarot and oracle card creators. By investing in our consultation, you’ll gain the clarity, direction, and expertise needed to bring your deck from vision to tangible reality.

vision to deck FULL creation package

Full Service Creation for Your Dream Tarot or Oracle Deck

Do you have a complete vision for your tarot or oracle deck, but lack the design and production expertise to bring it to life? My Vision to Deck Full Creation Package is your all-in-one solution, transforming your concept into a stunning and functional deck, ready to enchant users.

From Concept to Completion

Our Full Creation Package takes the reins, translating your vision into a professional-grade deck:

  • Consultation Included: We begin with an in-depth consultation (included!), brainstorming themes, crafting card meanings, and ensuring your deck resonates with its intended audience.
  • Design & Illustration: I will translate your vision into attractive cards, breathing life into your unique concept.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook (Optional): We’ll create a companion guidebook, delving into card meanings, interpretations, spreads, and even rituals to enhance user understanding and engagement.
  • Seamless Self-Publishing: Confused about printing and fulfillment options? I’ll guide you through the self-publishing process, ensuring your deck reaches eager customers.

A Complete Package for Complete Success

The Full Creation Package is the ultimate solution for creators with a clear vision. I’ll handle everything, allowing you to focus on the magic of your deck’s message. We’ll work one-to-one throughout the process so you know what is happening at any stage of the process.

Invest in Your Complete Vision

Don’t let your dream deck remain a dream. Vision to Deck is your partner in transforming your concept into a beautiful, functional reality.

Client Showcase

Y Tarot Cymreag

Working with Llewellyn author Kristoffer Hughes, I worked with his concept of creating the first Welsh language tarot deck.

Y Tarot Cymraeg takes the original Rider Waite Smith cards and adds Welsh magic to this classic tarot deck.

Why Work With Me?

You have a powerful message waiting to be shared through a unique tarot or oracle deck. But translating that vision into a reality can feel overwhelming. That’s where I come in with my Vision to Deck service. This is more than just design and illustration –I’m your partner in transforming your concept into a stunning and functional deck that resonates with you and your intended audience. Here’s what sets me apart:

  • Passionate Expertise: I’m not just a designer; I’m deeply passionate about the world of tarot and oracles. I understand the power these tools hold and the importance of creating a deck that feels authentic and meaningful.
  • Collaborative Spirit: This is your vision, and I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way. We’ll work together through brainstorming, development, and design to ensure the final deck reflects your unique voice.
  • Start-to-Finish Support: Whether you have a fully formed concept or just a spark of an idea, I offer a range of services to meet your needs. From brainstorming to crowdfunding advice, I’ll help you navigate the entire deck creation process.
  • Proven Track Record: I’m dedicated to helping you create a deck you can be proud of. I have successfully run 4 Kickstarter campaigns and have created numerous indie oracle decks – from runes to tarot to Madame Lenormand.