Rediscover your inner light and shine brightly in the world!

Soul Path Journey ProgrammeIf you want to make 2018 your best year yet – one where you move forward on your soul path, find purpose and deepen your connection to spirit – join me at the Soul Path Journey programme in January 2018.

It’s easy to get enthusiastic at the beginning of the year to make changes but as you and I know, it’s hard to maintain that initial go-getter energy.  The Soul Path Journey is a year-long programme where I guide and encourage you to dig deep, make dreams, keep goals and shine brightly (the world needs you to do that).

Deepen your connection to your sacred-self, community, environment and spirit

You take steps with monthly workbooks, webinars or Facebook live events, and meditations.  Each month brings you an opportunity to deepen your connection to your sacred-self as well as your community, environment and spiritual life.

The programme is based on the wisdom of the tarot (no tarot knowledge is needed to participate in the programme) with a dash of the hero’s journey as we travel with the characters that hold the keys to growth, manifestation and awareness.  We’ll also look at various dieties that fall within the theme of the month.

The journey we take is a progression that spirals us back to our destiny in life – our soul path.

Meet your spiritual entourage

You will also meet your 3G network – your guide, god, and goddess for 2018 – that will travel with you as you navigate 2018.  This is an opportunity to develop a deeper connection to your own spiritual entourage.

Each month you’ll receive a workbook and guided meditation in your inbox, as well as an invitation to attend a monthly webinar or Facebook live event based on the topic of the month.  You’ll be invited to join our members-only Facebook group so you can connect with other soulful journeyers.

From Dare of Dreaming to the Twist of the Spiral

The Soul Path Journey is a gift to yourself so you can you find your spirit and bring forward your gifts and desires to become happier, feel more connected and gain a sense of purpose in our crazy-busy world.

The themes for the Soul Path Journey programme 2018 are:

January Dare of Dreaming
February Song of Creation
March Blossoming of Balance
April Beat of the Divine Heart
May Journey to the Power of Love
June Depth of the Cauldron
July Truth of Surrender
August Passage to the Angel
September Tricks of the Light
October Night of Luminous Rays
November Dance on the Soul Path
December Twist of the Spiral

Step on to your Soul Path

The Soul Path Journey programme begins on Monday 1st January (but late registration accepted until 8th January).

You can join for a monthly fee of only £24.97 per month the for 12 months (approximately $33) or pay in full to secure your place for £247 and save £52.64


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