From the moment we are born, our story begins.

We live, learn, play and love – filling each chapter of our life with key events that shape us into who we are.  Every story is unique.  No one has or will ever have the same story to share with the world as you.

You are a wonderful, beautiful story told in a one-of-a-kind narrative.

We are the ones in charge of the words that define our existence.

But sometimes we forget we’re the author of our lives.  We grab hold of old stories and we tell them over and over.  You know the type of stories:

  • I’m not enough…
  • I can’t do this…
  • I’ve never been able to….
  • I don’t have the confidence to….
  • I’m addicted to….
  • I have a fear of….

My personal story, the one I told for years, was that I just wasn’t a ‘speaker’.  My way to communicate with the world was through writing not the spoken word so I’d tell the same story …. I’m not a confident speaker… People won’t understand me… I need space to think before talking… the list goes on.

I believed that story.  I even continued to tell it even once I’d begun public speaking and holding workshops.  The story was familiar and comfortable but it was no longer true and yet, I didn’t want to let it go.

We all have stories like that — ones that keep us living in the past because they are cosy and snug like a well-worn pair of slippers.

It’s time to put them to behind us and to create new stories that empower and reflect our true selves and our desires.

Perhaps you have been allowing a story you tell yourself to override your confidence.  Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do something for so long that you’ve come to believe it.

Let me help you rewrite your story.

During a Rewrite Your Story session, we gently highlight the story you have been telling yourself and then we use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to empower you to let the story go so you can begin creating a new story for yourself.

If you’ve ever caught yourself believe old stories like those below then a Rewrite Your Story session could be just what you need to help you write your next chapter:

  • I’m hopeless at losing weight
  • I’m unlucky in love
  • I don’t have the confidence to get a better job
  • I’m rubbish at managing money
  • I’m not clever enough to start my own business
  • I’m scared

Contact me at [email protected] to book your Rewrite Your Story session.  Sessions can be in person or via Skype and last for approximately 60-minutes.