One of the highlights of June was a summer solstice gathering I hosted with my friend Allison Marlowe. I led a ritual and during part of it, I asked for everyone to step into their own power and claim it with an ‘I am’ statement.

Everyone wrote down their ‘I am’ and placed it on a sun, making rays with their power statement.

What I really love about the statements is that no one desired to be rich or wealthy or a social media influencer. Those things don’t matter, not really,maybe not at all. It’s the feelings we all crave and characteristics we feel that will make us a better version of ourselves.

The thing is that we are already what we desire to become. Making that big, bold ‘I am’ statement just shakes awake (or heats up) what is already there.

I took all of the statements and made word art. Glance over it quickly. What catches your eye? Whatever it is, you are that (and more).

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