I’ve been having some creepy feelings in the kitchen for a while.

During the week the kettle decided to do strange things. I put the kettle on and heard it kick into life (our kettle bangs when you switch it on – suppose we really should get a new one) then went to do something else while it boiled. I’ve finally learnt the wisdom of ‘watch a kettle, never boils’. I came back and the kettle was freezing. It never boiled, it didn’t even get tepid and that was because it was switched off.

I put it down to me being forgetful but I KNEW I’d switched it on. But you know, busy day and 3 kids so being a little scatty isn’t an impossibility.

Next day MrT gingerly mentions something was odd with the kettle. He strolled downstairs to make coffee (yep, he makes me coffee every morning) and the kettle had just boiled. He swears he never switched it on.

Then there were strange smells. Over by the kettle I could smell rotten meat and at the same time MrT smelt roses. Weird.

And if that wasn’t enough strangeness I was washing up the cups before bed and I felt someone stand behind me. In my minds eye I could see a military man with an old fashioned moustache. I turned around but there was no-one there.

I’ve always been a bit wimpy about having spirits in the house even though every house I’ve lived in, bar one, has had a spirit present. The last few months I’ve been seeing blue lights and white flashes out of the corner of my eye. I’ve always been sensitive to energy but it’s now becoming more and more visual.

Which brings me back to last night. When I was tucked up in bed, just before falling asleep, I could feel my military man ghost in the house. I did the Mr. Spock mind thing and reached out to him. In pictures and words in my mind he told me he’d followed me home from the Royal Victoria Country Park and his name was Brigadier Redmond. He wanted to go ‘home’. I imagined my kettle, as that’s the hot spot (get it?) for activity surrounded in white light and Mr. Military man went into it.

Did my spirit rescue work?

Won’t know until this evening but I’ll keep you posted.

While I’m on supernatural matters I’ve just found out I’ve missed THREE episodes of the new Supernatural series. It’s on tonight at 9pm so I will make sure I’m switched onto ITV2. I LOVE Supernatural and it’s not because I have a little crush on Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).

See what I’ve been missing:

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