I had a great day combining home education and family time at Marwell Zoo today. It really hit home how precarious the ecological and environmental situation is.

I saw animals that are extinct in the wild. Their species’ survival rests solely in the hands of humans. All species, all life, rests in the hands of humans. This includes us. And yet we keep destroying.

Many people choose not to see this reality we’ve created because it’s too painful. Far better to keep on looking the other way than having to heal the inner wounds that mirror the outside world. Better to numb the pain with mindless TV, meaningless pursuits and addictions of choice. Better to blame everyone else.

The physical world reflects our inner emotional and spiritual pain. We need healing just as much as Mother Earth does. We either heal or we die, taking as much of nature with us as we can. The choice is ours to make and we’re running out of time.

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