I’ve been pondering, perhaps a little too much, on how to evolve The Inner Goddess Revolution.

In some ways the evolution is easy because I have the Inner Goddess Revolution book to write (which means long dates with my attic room sacred space). My dilemma hasn’t been over what direction to take the IGR but where to write about it.

In my typical fashion, I can’t even begin to move forward until the small details are cemented in my mind.  The big details aren’t a problem for me so I’ve been spending far too long trying to decide where to write.  Should I start a brand new blog? Should I add one here or perhaps at the Soul Path Tribe? What about Facebook? And a newsletter?

Finally… finally…. I’ve settled on writing about the Inner Goddess Revolution here rather than begin a new blog.

I already have moments of feeling scattered in a million places around the internet and yet another place to write seemed to just add to the insanity. The most serious contender was writing at the Soul Path Tribe because goddess unleashing is a humongous part of what the Soul Path Tribe is about (plus I’m writing a monthly IGR article in the monthly magazine).  Yet it didn’t feel quite right.. and everything must feel right.

So here it is.

And here is the Facebook group, which I hope you’ll join me at.

Plus I have a newsletter just for the Inner Goddess Revolution. My writing schedule is pretty jam packed so I’ll only be sending out occasionally emails so don’t worry about your inbox being bombarded (I hate that too).

I’m really excited about the revolution evolution and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!


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