As I’ve written before, moving to Wales on the eve of a national lockdown has been a life-changing event.  The past couple of years has given me space to breathe, think and find myself again. 

Two years before the strange onset of 2020, I formed a company with my husband called the Quiet Rebel Bureau.  We had dreams of turning it into a haven for mind-body-spirit authors that wanted to write and self-publish.  It went very well – we published an anthology and helped a dozen or so authors birth their books into the world.

Having time to reflect (and a drop in clients during lockdown) made us realise that we wanted something different from our company. 

It didn’t really fit us 100 percent.

We’ve moved away from publishing back into the spiritual and helping-people realm.  On a personal level, we never left.

So slowly, very slowly really, we’ve been working out what makes our hearts sing. 

One thing for sure is that we want to have a heart-led business and to be open to doing things differently.

This is a huge leap of faith on my part.

It started with cutting back on social media.  I felt compelled to be on Facebook and Instagram because if I wasn’t posting then I assumed people would forget me (and they might – that’s always going to be beyond my control, anyway 😊). 

The fear that by not posting I might be acting detrimentally to my business was real…. and at the same time, I didn’t feel good about the platforms.

I had a social media identity and integrity crisis.

I deleted Facebook, Messenger and Instagram from my phone.  I still pop on from time to time (I post occasionally to Instagram because I love photography) but I must make an effort to do so.

I wanted to connect with people in ways that were more meaningful to me.  Social media just wasn’t doing it.

When it seems there are marketing gurus on every sponsored ad telling you how you need to have a social media brand to ‘make it’, going back to writing newsletters and considering other ways to make connections scares me at times. 

Ultimately, though, I’m following my heart.

The biggest challenge so far has been exploring beliefs around money.

Often, I’ve felt inadequate and unsuccessful because I’ve never made an abundance of money in my self-employment journey of fifteen years.  There have been some very, very financially challenging times. 

And again, if you were to look around the internet, you’ll easily find someone willing to sell you the secrets to making six-figures a year.  Part of me had bought into the idea that unless you’re making 100k then there must be something wrong with you or your business or both.

The hard sells, constant marketing, high-dollar programmes and exclusive masterminds have never felt in alignment with me.  My ego so wanted the 6-figure business but my heart is not into it.  If I were to make money my goal, then I would have to sacrifice my peace and probably a bit chunk of my soul 😉

It’s not worth it to me.

Don’t get me wrong.  I need to earn money to pay bills, put food on the table, and to keep a roof over my head but I don’t need 100k a year to do that.  I have a small family, an old car that works, and a little house by the sea – I’m very content with my lot.

Not making money the sole focus of our business means we don’t have to do business the ‘usual way’.  Going forward, we’re going to be offering forthcoming programmes and workshops on a donation basis. 

It’s definitely a heart-led decision taken with a leap of faith.  It feels liberating.  I can have a business of inclusion where money doesn’t have to be a barrier to receiving guidance when you need it. 

It’s business as unusual, from this point forward.

We live in very strange times and so many traditional ways of life appear, at least to me, dysfunctional. 

Tides are changing.

It takes courage to swim against the current.

And it takes faith that you’ll reach where you need to go even if it looks like the odds are stacked against you.

But how can things change for the better if you don’t take a brave step in a different direction?

Have a beautiful week, my friend.

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