The title is incorrect…. it should now be ‘the hole formally known as tooth’.

I’ve been looking over my posts and it has been a saga… like a Spielberg epic without all the special effects and drop dead gorgeous actors.

Scene One

Tooth Saga

Just me and my whole tooth.

Scene Two

Tooth Saga

Then the family curse hit:

Scene Three

Tooth Saga

Enter evil dentist:

Scene Four

Tooth Saga

The tooth is no more.

Scene Five

Tooth Saga

Yesterday I could take the pain no more.  I got up and felt like crying so after spending an hour trying to get through on the phone to the hospital I finally spoke to a dental surgeon and he saw me straight away.

It turns out I have something called ‘dry socket’.  It’s where healing doesn’t take place and you’re left with a hole in your gum which leads directly down to your jaw bone.

The rather young and dashing Navy doctor (in uniform, ladies… swoon) gave me anesthetic, opened up the hole and put some dressing inside.  The pain has subsided dramatically.

I might still have to go back for more dressing but at least today I can eat Birthday Cake with MrT (Happy Birthday Paul!).

With having a bit of tooth extracted at the dentist then some more at the hospital I never got to keep any of my tooth.   Which is a shame because it looks like the Tooth Fairy has changed the rules since I last lost a tooth:

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