A few years back, I wanted to get a copy of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.  Trusting that the Universe delivers the right books to me via car boot sales and charity shops, I waited.  I waited some more.  Then, like modes of public transportation, two copies appeared.  Then another one.

I kept my eyes open for other Coelho books and there would be none for months and then they would trickle through.  Usually, as was the case with The Alchemist, several copies of one particular book would turn up within days of each other.  I knew it was the Universe telling me that the book needed to be read as there was a message for me.

On a walk along the beach last week, I found a copy of Like the Flowing River.  I bought it because I couldn’t remember if I had the book already (I did) and it felt like there was another snippet of wisdom waiting in there for me. I flicked through the pages, randomly stopping on the chapter: Travelling Differently.

Although it’s written as tips to get the most out of touring the world, I thought it made a great manifesto for travelling through life.

Travelling Differently Like the Flowing River: A Manifesto for Life

Avoid museums

Also known as stop living in the past.

Hang out in bars

Go where people gather.

Be open

Isn’t life more fun without the judgement and feeling as if everyone is out to attack? (yes is the answer!)

Try to travel alone (or if you’re married, with your spouse)

Life is a solo journey and you can’t hide behind friends and family forever.  If you did, you’d never know your own depths of character.  And if you’ve picked a spouse, there’s a reason why they’re coming along for the ride.

Don’t compare

This is the ultimate joy killer.  Don’t do it. You’ll never be the other person because you are wonderfully, uniquely you.  Embrace that instead.

Understand that everyone understands you

If we just realised that everyone else is having a human experience with grief, fears, worries and concerns then maybe, just maybe, you are understood.  If you open your heart, you’ll understand everyone too.

Don’t buy too much

How much stuff do you really need? You can’t take things with you when you pass but I believe your experiences remain. Spend time or money on the things that feed your soul, not bulge your closet.

Don’t try to see the world in a month

The world is already going at a break-neck speed so chill a little. Slow down, savour and enjoy.

A journey is an adventure

Your journey is your adventure.  Make it epic.

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