I have another question, which I’ve recently received from a young lady concerned about her brother. She sent me the following :

“May I know if love spells really exist? I have a feeling that my brother is under a love spell. He seems to be possessed by  his girlfriend and cannot leave her side. His character has changed and he tried to commit suicide when she tried to break up with him. Can you please tell me some ways where I can tell is my brother is under a love spell cast by this girl?”

This is a very delicate subject, and I advised her to seek counselling for her brother as he’s obviously in an emotionally unstable place in his life right now. Spells should not supersede safety.

Young love can display all the obsessive, passionate and often illogical patterns that people, who are more open to the possibility of magickal intervention, could assume is the work of a love spell. There is a very good chance it’s just a mix of high emotions with an abundance of hormones. But then again, you never know.

So, back to my seeker.  What she really wanted to know was how can you tell when someone has cast a spell on you.

I wish it were as easy as Rachel Morgan’s spell detector amulet in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. Spells weave their subtle energy so it’s never going to be as blatant as an alarm going off or a post-it note stuck to the victim’s forehead.

When I need to get answers like this I dowse. I’ve been pendulum dowsing since I was 17 and I appreciate the clear, precise answers.  I would probably then use the Tarot to gain further insight.

How do you detect spells? What would your method of choice be for uncovering whether this man is under a love spell or not?