I’m having a lot of a little trouble getting my sorry self into gear lately.  

I’ve made some big decisions –  you know the ones that can alter the course of your life type decisions – but I’m falling down flat on my face as far as it comes to organising and doing them.  I know, it all sounds super mysterious like:

  1. I’ve run off with the milk man OR
  2. I’m contemplating running off with the milk man OR
  3. MrT has run off with the milk man

Rest assured, it’s none of the above and no milk men were harmed in the decision making process.  I want to focus my work more on writing.  And writing about thinks I’m passionate about.  Pretty much what I do here (which at the moment isn’t a lot) and over at Wizard & Witch but on a LARGER scale.

Anyway, before I digress further, let me update you on the week thus far.  Or at least since we went to St. Margarets.

Well, not a lot has happened.  We’ve had to spend time indoors because of grocery delivery and the windscreen repair man.  We managed to get another chip in our windscreen.  

Popped to the library to take back Doreen Virtue’s Lightworker Handbook (I think that’s what it’s called) which was very good.  I’d recommend it to anyone especially if all you’ve ever read by Doreen are pricey books with not many words.  You get a glimpse of the lady behind the rather polished exterior.

We celebrated Ostara with a year membership to the National Trust.  With spring now officially here I can’t wait to go to the properties and walks they manage.  The boys do not share my enthusiasm.

And while life was going on around me I also had a heap load of work. Writing and otherwise.

Yesterday we went to the Explosion Museum in Gosport.  It’s rumoured to be shutting down at the end of the month so we thought we’d better get there before it was too late. 

It’s rumoured to be a hot spot of paranormal activity because it’s in the old navy munitions depot that’s supplied the navy with explosives from Nelson to WWII.  At some point in its history (the era escapes me now) there was an accident resulting in a big bang and several deaths.  Just what you’d expect from any accident which involves gunpowder!  

The museum itself is quite fascinating.  And that’s coming from someone who didn’t particularly want to go (although I have to confess I’m becoming much more interested in naval history living in a navy town).  


My elder son didn’t like it but he doesn’t like very much these days – he’s a proper pre-teen.  My younger son who hates anything academic LOVED this museum.  He stood and read the information panels, pushed buttons on the interactive displays and lagged behind because he was enjoying it too much.  No one was more shocked than me at his behaviour!!

If you live local to Gosport, go to the Explosion museum next weekend becaues you might not get another chance.

And there are the photos of orbs.  Lots of them.  All from the museum.


Look along the floor.