The week that was full of awesomeness

Lyn on the pierI’m writing this from the pier in Southsea (but posting it from home due to lack of wifi connection).  It’s cold and blustery outside, the initial sunshine that slightly warmed my skin at 7.30 when taking the dog for a walk has gone.  The weather is beautiful in its own stormy, looming way.  At the moment, the world is just waking up so I have a little time to write while my tarot cards remain in the box.

This week has been all kinds of amazing.


It started with a local business mastermind meeting – albeit a little later than expected as I thought it started later than it did.  I had half an hour to get out of PJs, grab something to eat and get into town.

We’re a small group and it’s perfect.  I have so much admiration and respect for my fellow ‘mindees’ and the space we create allows me to show up raw, vulnerable and receptive.  What I’ve learnt is the label says ‘business’ but the reality is soul searching and doing the inner work so I can be more present in the world.


I had an afternoon of tarot readings followed by an evening talk by my friend Juliet Vorster at Southampton PLG. She has created a new programme called Life reVUWED and her talk was based around it.  I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear the message and affirmations.  Actually, I realise I need to hear it every single day.


OMG. Best day ever. In the morning, I drew the Wheel of Fortune as my tarot card for the day.  If you don’t know about tarot, the Wheel of Fortune is about change in luck and fortune. By the time I got home from tai chi, I had received an email telling me I’d won a competition I’d entered a few months ago.

It’s quite amusing really because it’s an Assasin Creed themed break for 2 to Malta.  I have never seen the movie and I only know what it is as my son used to play the game.  I entered it because I’ve always wanted to go to Malta and now I am.

I’m over-the-moon happy as I haven’t had a break in years.  I’m further blessed because good friends have offered to look after Tabby while I’m away.  My excitement levels are through the roof!


Breakfast at Phoenix Rising Centre for Spiritual Living and then a day trip to Winchester.  It wasn’t the day I envisaged but I got to see my favourite door (everyone should have a favourite door, right?) and the river.  Stopped at the International Food shop in Southampton on the way back to stock up on spices and vegetable samosas to munch.


Spent the day on South Parade Pier in Southsea doing tarot readings in person and handwritten email readings.  The weather was typically British summertime so it rained hard but I had a blast.  Was blessed to read for lovely people and be of service.

And that’s my week so far.

I’m back on the pier and waiting for the Universe to reveal what it has in store for me today.

How was your week?

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