Soul Sessions: Private Coaching

Sessions are online for 60-minutes via Google Meet.

Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with details on how to book your first session.

Purchase is valid for 3-months. 

The focus of the soul sessions is to help you unravel the knots in your life so you can find freedom underneath.  They are transformational, spiritual coaching sessions for people who are ready to explore what it means to have more peace, more connection and more meaning in their lives.  

The world has changed drastically in the past few years and humanity continues to spin out of control.  We are facing challenges that can leave us with fear, disconnection and distrust.  Soul Sessions are here to help you make sense of the chaotic outer world and to find a way to BE in the world becoming.  

The sessions are for you if you:

  • Want to experience inner peace in an outer world that thrives on stress, anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Feel disconnected from your soul – your true self – and want to discover deeper meaning in your life.
  • Find yourself searching for ‘something’ but can’t quite understand what is missing.
  • Feel stuck, tired or frustrated.
  • Want to heal your body-mind to find more harmony and stillness.
  • Desire to be more present and aware, not going through the motions on autopilot.

The Soul Sessions are 1-2-1  private coaching sessions.  I believe in working intuitively with my clients so there is no set programme.  We work together – I hold space for you and guide you to find the answers, direction or clarity you have inside.

Sessions are held online and last for 60-minutes, and can be purchased in either a 3-session or 8-session package.

I offer my services through my heart-led company the Quiet Rebel Bureau. We have a tiered payment policy in place for one-to-one services. Please select the tier you can comfortably pay – thank you! No questions asked and no judgement made. 

Have questions?  Send me an email 🙂 

3-session coaching package

8-session coaching package

Things you need to know

All payments are by PayPal and are to the Quiet Rebel Bureau Ltd.  You can use your PayPal account or pay with debit/credit cards.  We don't store any financial information.

After you have paid for a package/session, you’ll receive an email with a link to an online booking form.  You can schedule your first session through that link.

Online meetings are via Google Meet or Skype. 

My diary is open for bookings on Mondays and Thursdays.  I can offer sessions on Saturday afternoon if you can’t make weekdays.  Just let me know.

Disclaimer: All services are offered as part of transformational coaching, and are for spiritual guidance only.  You’re responsible for your own actions/thoughts/beliefs and any decision you make based on a session is yours alone.  Please don’t use sessions as a substitute for professional legal, medical or financial advice.

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