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The Magician from the Buckland Romany Tarot


[This post is part of my October writing challenge where we’re mixing writing with tarot to unlock our the wisdom of our souls]

The Magician

The Magician from the Buckland Romany TarotHave you ever reached a point where you can’t seem to manifest the miracles you need?

It’s not that I’m a rubbish miracle maker. When I’m in the place of clarity (as you can read with The Fool, that’s a challenge) I can make things happen.

I know I can. I’ve manifested paths forward to where I wanted to go when all logic and obstacles said it shouldn’t have happened.

But for me to activate my miracle-maker kit, it isn’t just about wanting something, I also have to feel it.  I have to feel in the flow of the Universe.

What I need to manifest is a more profitable  business, not just monetary abundant but one that flows with ease and grace (those two words won’t leave my mind recently) rather than a black hole where my time and energy disappear.

So, at the most basic level, money is what I need to manifest but I need to conjure the way it  feels right.  I know without any doubt that until I can feel what I need to do, my manifesting powers are limited.

What has been made apparent lately that I’m not in the flow of the Universe and I haven’t made space for what I need, that money abundance, to happen. It’s all a push-and-a-shove.

I’m too busy. Busy-ness.  Too much doing without a space to receive anything.

There’s no vacuum to be filled.  Every day is 100 per cent full with something or other; it’s 100 per cent output.

And it might be as simple as stopping the unnecessary busy-ness so I can gain clarity on where I need to go and what I need to do.  Every time I make space, I hear the Universe whispering to me again and I am, at least for a short while, back in the flow.

I need to use my miracle-maker kit to make space.

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