Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles

Experience the serene beauty of the Sacred Isles and connect with the revered animal spirits that call it home! Immerse yourself in the wisdom of this exquisite oracle deck, featuring 80 wide-sized tarot cards, each depicting a unique animal spirit. To further enhance your journey, a digital guide is included to provide insights and interpretations for each card, making the Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles oracle deck an ideal tool for divination and introspection.

Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles is my latest oracle deck.  

The cards feature animals that live, or have lived at one time, in the British Isles.  Geographically the British Isles includes many islands, including Ireland, so the name can be misleading.  I’ve taken inspiration from the Romans who called Britain Insula Sacra, or the sacred isle – I believe this is a beautiful name to represent the collection of islands in the North Atlantic.

Like the Wisdom of the Depths tarot, the Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles is digital collage.  I’ve spent many, many hours finding vintage illustrations of animals or transforming modern photographs into vintage art.  All backgrounds feature places in the Sacred Isles. 

I’ve designed the cards to be wider than tarot cards but the same height.  The finished cards will be 85mm x 120mm. 

The Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles is an 80-card oracle deck with tuck box.  And it comes with a digital guidebook.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter Jan 2023.

 Take a look at the cards

All artwork copyright Lyn Thurman

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