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Wisdom of the Depths Tarot

2nd Edition

Calling all seekers of wisdom and mystery! The Wisdom of the Depths tarot deck is making a splash with its highly anticipated second edition.  After being successfully funded on Kickstarter it’s available now.

This new edition is filled to the brim with exciting updates and improvements. There is a brand-new card included in the deck, “The Depths,” which holds the key to unlocking the unknown and unexplored. The packaging has also been upgraded to a sturdy 2-piece box, ensuring that your tarot cards are kept safe and secure. And to make the experience even more immersive, the text on the cards has been made easier to read, the LWB and guidebook have been updated, and every detail has been fine-tuned to perfection.

This is not just any tarot deck – it is a journey into the depths of your own psyche, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the universe through the lens of the sea. The Wisdom of the Depths tarot deck is a powerful tool for those seeking to tap into their intuition, connect with their inner selves, and unlock the secrets of the deep.

A 79-card deck based on the traditional symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot

The deck came into being during lockdown 2020 and took a year to complete.  The cards are digital collages with most of the characters starting life as vintage black and white book illustrations.  I’ve included my own sea photography in many of the backgrounds (and The Tower is my local lighthouse!).

I’ve kept, loosely, within the tradition of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck – the names and numbering are the same – but I’ve taken creative license with the images.  If you already read tarot, you’ll be just fine (and if you don’t, the little white book has you covered).