Goddess Rising by Lyn Thurman

Goddess Rising

Journey with 52-Goddesses to awaken your spirit & enrich your life

Goddess Rising invites you to connect with the Divine Feminine by introducing you to 52-goddesses from around the world. Discover their stories and use goddess-wisdom to find a deeper connection to Spirit, the world, and most importantly, to you.

Inner Goddess revolution

A practical and spiritual guide for women who want more from life

If you want to take control of your life and unleash your inner goddess then you need this book. It’s a guide for you to reclaim your spirit and rekindle the fire in your soul. Start your own inner goddess revolution and be the change!


Innana's Ascent

Inanna’s Ascent

Reclaiming female power

Published late summer 2018

Pagan Planet

Being, believing & belonging in the 21st century

Wild + Precious

A guide to loving yourself, following your bliss + changing the world

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