Goddess Rising

Journey with 52-goddesses to awaken your spirit & enrich your life

Goddess Rising invites you to reconnect with the Divine Feminine by introducing you to 52-goddesses from around the world.  Let Egyptian goddess Isis introduce you to magic and Slavic Baba Yaga is waiting for you to take a risk to find her.  Inanna, with her descent to the underworld, shows you strength and Lakshmi brings abundance.  Remember your passions with Hawaiian Pele and face your fears with demon-destroying Kali.

As you learn the stories of the goddesses, you will discover how the gifts of the Divine Feminine are relevant in your own life.  You’ll understand yourself on a deeper level, find confidence in pursuing a life of greater meaning, connect with the cycles of nature, and maybe even find a patron goddess to guide you in the process.

Each goddess has a story to share, guidance to give, journal prompts, and a creative activity or ritual.

Goddess Rising is a book that stirred something up within me that I hadn’t even been fully aware was there. I’ve always been drawn to angels, but reading about these amazing goddesses has given my whole take on spirituality another level. I literally felt myself grow and transform as I read the words, and it’s a book that will stay with me for a long time.”
Katie Oman, author of Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile

The Inner Goddess Revolution

A practical and spiritual guide for women who want more from life

If you want to take control of your life and unleash your inner goddess then you need this book.  It’s a guide for you to reclaim your spirit and rekindle the fire in your soul.

Start your own inner goddess revolution and be the change!

Viva la revolution!

This is an excellent book. I would buy a copy for all of the women that I know, if I knew they would be open to it! Lyn is personable, funny, smart and insightful. The Inner Goddess Revolution is one of the few books of its kind that actually left me feeling inspired, and knowing what steps to take to improve what could be better in my life. A practical guide indeed!”
Alexa K. (verified Amazon review)


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