Sea Glass Runes Oracle

Ancient runes washed up on the liminal space of the shore – 33 rune cards based on the Anglo-Saxon futhorc & the Northumberland runes.

Picture walking along a sandy beach on the liminal space between sea and land.  You look down to find sea glass runes, washed up by the waves to reveal insights and guidance.

The Sea Glass runes were born from my love of the sea and my desire to learn more about the Anglo-Saxon runes (plus the four Northumberland runes).

I imagined the runes having been cast into the cosmic chaos of the sea and washed up on shore for a journeyer to find.  Messages from the universe are delivered to your feet in perfect timing.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched in early 2022.  Keep in touch by signing up to my newsletter or connect on social media.

I designed the cards to be laid out horizontally to mimic the seashore.  But, of course, you are free to read them any way that calls to you.

There are 33-cards in this oracle deck (29 Anglo Saxon runes plus the four Northumberland runes) plus there are three extra cards with keyword suggestions for each rune.

The cards come in a printed tuck box.  A digital booklet will be supplied with each deck.

All artwork copyright Lyn Thurman

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