The Sun from Echoes Through Time Tarot

I know you shouldn’t have favourites when you create a tarot deck (or have children) but this Sun tarot card is one of mine.

Normally, the Sun tarot card isn’t one I deeply connect to, especially in the Rider Waite tarot. I like it well enough but it doesn’t hold my attention before I’m off looking at The Moon or the High Priestess (can you tell I’m a water sign?).

But this card… I feel it.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that this little dude started out standing on a pearl in the middle of the sea without a sunflower, or any yellow, in sight. Even so, I knew he (or she) was the right character for The Sun.

Initially, I imagined that he’d be in a playground or a fairground, even perhaps the beach. I wanted to capture the innocent joy of long, summer days when you’re a kid. The feeling that summer will never end, bedtime will never arrive and you’ll stay a kid having kid adventures forever. I couldn’t find a background that embodied what I wanted to capture.

I spent a very long time trying to make my ideas work until I remembered one summer, about five years ago, when we visited a pick-your-own sunflower farm on Hayling Island in Hampshire. There were fields of beautiful sunflowers with families making the most of a pleasant summer’s day.

And it was truly a joyous, magical place to visit. The sunflowers were like little suns of their own, radiating all kinds of good happiness. We had the best of days and I got to come home with an armful of carefully picked sunflowers.

I rummaged through my photos and found the perfect background. From that point, the card fell together effortlessly.

In the original painting, the child holds an oyster shell in their left hand. That didn’t go with the sun theme so I removed the shell and replaced it with a butterfly. While The Sun tarot card is generally one of happiness, warmth and joy, I wanted to add a reminder that it too has its season. Summer days don’t last forever, sunflowers wilt, and kids grow up. Those ‘sun’ days can be fleeting so we need to make sure we embrace its energy whenever we’re lucky enough to be dealt The Sun card.

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